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It is hoped that visitors find the following information helpful.

Banking Facilities and Cash Points

There is a wide range of bank and building society branches in Alnwick, most of which have ATMs outside their premises. There is also a branch Of Barclay's Bank in Seahouses,which has an ATM.

There is a cash machine inside the Jolly Fisherman which is run by one of the ATM companies rather than a bank or building society. A small fee is payable for each withdrawal and this is added to the amount debited on your bank statement.

Cash is also available from a fee-charging ATM in the Spar shop at Longhoughton. This shop has extended opening hours, so cash can be obtained in the evening.

The nearest Post Office branches are in Longhoughton and Embleton.

Bread, Milk and Groceries

Pending the re-opening of the Village Shop, bread, milk and groceries cannot be obtained in Craster. Moody’s store and the garage in Embleton and the Spar shop at Longhoughton are the nearest places to Craster where these commodities can be obtained. Moody’s make daily deliveries of milk and newspapers to Craster.

There are branches of Morrison’s, Lidl's and Sainsbury’s in Alnwick. The nearest Asda is at Ashington, while the nearest Tesco is at Kingston Park, Newcastle.


Newspapers can be obtained at Moody’s in Embleton or the Post Office at Longhoughton. Moody’s does not open on Sunday and newspapers can then be obtained at J R Grieves garage at Embleton. Moody's deliver newspapers to Craster seven days a week.

Moodys Tel 01665 576215


The nearest filling station to Craster is J R Grieves at Embleton. There is also a filling station at Seahouses for those travelling North along the Coast. For those going inland, there is only one filling station in Alnwick, just off the southern exit from Alnwick to the A1, opposite Sainsbury's.

Going North along the A1, the next filling station is at Adderstone, about 2 miles South of Belford beside the Purdy Lodge motel (14 miles from Craster). Further North, there is a Morrison’s at the North End of the Berwick By-Pass (33 miles) which has a filling station and an Asda just south of Dunbar (60 miles).

Going South along the A1, there are no filling stations actually on the road until the Washington Service Area is reached (40 miles). However, there are filling stations just off the A1 on the Morpeth slip-road (24 miles), at Stannington (30 miles) just South of the Morpeth by-pass and at the Seaton Burn Services (37 miles).

Neither of the supermarkets in Alnwick has a filling station. The Asda at Ashington (25 miles from Craster) does, and also the Tesco at Kingston Park, Newcastle (37 miles) which is a short distance off the A1.

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