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The domestic waste collections now run on a 2-weekly cycle in Craster, with recyclable material collected one week and other material the following week. The normal collection day is Thursday, although this will change in the weeks either preceding or following a Bank Holiday.

To confuse matters for visitors to the village, the recyclable material has to be put into the blue bin, with the other material going into the green bin. It should be particularly noted that glass bottles should not be put into the blue bin. There are recycling sites in The Quarry Car Park at Craster and at the North End of Embleton village where recycling facilities for glass bottles and jars are provided.

If you need information about how to dispose of waste that is not on this list or further information about any of Northumberland County Council's recycling services, then contact the customer services team on 0845 600 6400 or log on to

Please use your recycling bin for

(Guidance issued Novemeber 2009)

Yes please

Plastic bottles for example juice, milk, shampoo, household cleaner, fabric softener and washing­up liquid (please ensure they are empty and lids are removed)

Food and drinks cans (please rinse), and empty aerosols

Paper for example newspapers, junk mail, paper bags, catalogues, telephone directories, cereal boxes and cardboard. Not shredded paper

Please put all your recycling into your bin loose. Things in bags may be mistaken for general waste and the bag or your whole bin could be rejected.

No thanks

Textiles, shoes, clothes - take to your household waste recovery centre or charity shop
Shredded paper

Disposable nappies

Plastics which aren't bottles, for example plastic food trays, plant pots, yogurt pots, cling film, margarine cartons, bubble wrap, carrier bags and sacks

Foil and foil trays

Tetrapaks (juice and milk cartons).


Below is a listing of waste materials and the facilities that exist to enable you to recycle or dispose of them issued in April 2009.

Recycling rules 27 04 09

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